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Paddywack is always happy to accommodate curbside orders for those who are unable to shop in person.

We are now taking all curbside orders over the phone in order to serve you more effectively. Please call us at 425-357-6510 or 425-357-6520 to place your order, and we will process your payment via credit card over the phone. If you get our voicemail, we are assisting customers; please either try back, or leave a voicemail and our team will get back to you as quickly as possible. Please note that if we have a lot of in-store shoppers, it may take some time to return your voicemail, so if you need your order to be processed sooner, we recommend calling back instead of leaving a message.

When you call, we ask that you please be prepared with the names, sizes and quantities of the items you are ordering in order to expedite the process.

Once your order is ready and paid for, stop by anytime during our regular business hours and call us to let us know you are here. Please pop your trunk or open your door, and an employee will bring your order out and load it into your car for you. 

If you are placing an order due to needing one or more items that we do not stock and are comfortable coming into the store, we will have you pay at pickup once your order has arrived. 

Thank you for your continued patronage of our business- we are grateful for your support!
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